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we can be [hockey] heroes, just for one day.

Imagine you’re working in Web production when someone comes up to you and asks you to step into your dream job. That’s what happened to Brett Leonhardt, a former SUNY Oswego goalie who, for Friday night at least, got to suit up for an NHL game.

Brett Leonhardt living his dream. (AP/Luis M. Alvarez Photo)

Brett Leonhardt living his dream. (AP/Luis M. Alvarez Photo)

He was certainly in the right place at the right time. Leonhardt, a 6′ 7″ guy who always seemed an intimidating presence in Laker green and gold, works on the Washington Capitals Web production team when word came down that goalie Jose Theodore injured himself during warmups. The veritable Moonlight Graham wasn’t asked to start, but with the time lag to recall another goalie from the minors, Leonhardt suited up, took part in pregame drills and sat on the bench.

This isn’t a perfect Hollywood story, as he didn’t get in the game. He won’t even receive a game check, but interviewed later he didn’t care. I should pay them for being able to do this, he said. Every dream come true. Growing up in Canada, playing since I was 4. It was just very surreal.

I guess my dream-job moment would involve being asked to put down the laptop and go warm up in the Seattle Mariners bullpen. I’d soak in the air of beautiful Safeco Field on a summer night, enjoy the easy camaraderie of the other pitchers, savor the feel of the ball leaving my hand and the snap sound of it hitting the bullpen catchers’ glove. That alone would be enough.

Far-fetched, to be sure, but: If you were called away to do your dream job, even just for one day, what would it be?

Unless your dream job is working with the Web … in which case, more power to you!


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