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‘Let’s not screw this up’: please be responsible with reopening

Dear Central New York:

Our region is approved for Phase 1 of regional reopening, starting May 15. Please: Let’s not screw this up! Obviously, it comes with a mix of trepidation of “opening the valve” safely, as the governor would say, but also with a ray of hope for friends and neighbors. I know so many local business owners who are hurting, and have many friends out of work. Ultimately, it’s on us to do things the right way.

– Support local small businesses if you’re in a position to do so. Many of these are the ones who step up to support others in their time of need, so helping them can also serve as giving back.
– Maintain physical distancing protocols in public.
– Wear a mask or other PPE for any interactions and direct person-to-person transactions.
– Be considerate of the health concerns of others.
– Be patient as people learn to do things in new ways.
– Keep washing your hands.

– Take actions that might compromise the safety of others.
– Be a jerk.

I shouldn’t have to tell anybody not to be a jerk, but … have you looked around Facebook lately? So yeah.

Remember, the only way to move forward is to be responsible. Think of others. And be kind. We’re all in this together.

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