For the birds: Taking a lesson from nature

Photo of trees and birds on a pre-spring March day

The other day, I went out in the backyard with a glass of wine and spent several minutes listening to birds high up in the trees. They are singing the folk songs they have exchanged for thousands and thousands of years. It’s their mating season, and while all around us seems so stressful, they are living lives more or less unchanged.

As last week went on, I began seeing and hearing less and less people, and seeing and hearing more and more birds. Now that I’m working for home, they’re about the only entities I hear in real life and real time. Our feathered friends have always been here, but now I’m just back to appreciating them. My relationship with them is uncomplicated; they want and need nothing from me, and don’t pay much attention amidst their courtship rituals as I gaze up in silent admiration.

There is change, and there are constants. The birds still sing and flirt and carry on their life cycles. They flit from branch to branch, not worrying about the latest news or how many likes any given post has or how the stock market is doing. They live their lives in the moment.

In these complicated times, may you have opportunities to find peace and the simple, small moments to remind you of the joys of life.

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