Forget Thanksgetting … give Thanksgiving its due

In one of the most awful campaigns in modern memory, Verizon converts the holiday to “Thanksgetting.” Walmart talks about being open early and late on Thanksgiving and implying that “everybody wins” (except for the employees who don’t get more time with loved ones). And my inbox has already seen dozens of emails from retailers about using today to get a jump on Black Friday.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I don’t consider it Black Friday Eve.

My memories are of my late grandparents wrangling the extended family for sumptuous meals, laughter and love. We were relegated to the kids’ table, but that was part of the entertainment. If somebody had brought the idea of shopping at a big-box store on Thanksgiving up to my grandfather, he would have ridiculed it, with good reason.

Canadians do their Thanksgiving far away from Christmas, and I’m sure it’s pleasant to just get together with family and delve into food without the clatter of the commercialized version of Christmas nibbling at the edges.

America being America, you can’t bring up the ludicrous nature of retailers opening on Thanksgiving without an argument, since that’s what Americans do. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FIREFIGHTS AND POLICE WHO WORK ON THANKSGIVING YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM SHARE THIS IF YOU AGREE 93% OF YOU WON’T BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT GOOD AMERICANS, etc.

It’s a disingenuous argument. We all appreciate that police, firefighters, hospital workers and many others work on Thanksgiving and other holidays. It’s required for society to function. I seem to recall society functioning pretty well long before Walmart and its ilk found it necessary to put profits over family by making Thanksgiving about gorging in the aisles too.


OK, I’m out and back to gratitude. Instead of thinking about getting, let’s be thankful for what we have, and who we have in our lives. Go read Dave Cameron’s excellent Thanks-living blog entry to get back to what’s good. And may any arguments today instead be over whether stuffing or mashed potatoes are the better side dish. And the answer is stuffing, of course.


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5 responses to “Forget Thanksgetting … give Thanksgiving its due

  1. Sarah Jeal

    Well said! Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, Black Friday has begun to creep over the pond. Last year it was big news. This year there is a bit of a backlash, with shops saying they were going to keep their savings for the January sales (our traditional savings splurge). Enjoy your family time – happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Tim

    SARAH: Thanks for the comment all the way from across the pond! I’m glad there is some questioning of Black Friday intrusion into the UK. Happy Thursday to you!

  3. Well written as always, Tim, and thank you for the kind link. May you get your favorite bit of the turkey today, and share the last slice of pie with someone who makes you smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Tim

    DAVE: Thank you, as always. Your columns are like that first bite of warm, moist turkey: always welcome and fulfilling. May you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving as well!

  5. Stuffing, of course. My favorite T-giving dish.

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