Pleased to meet you: The power of introductions.

Seems like I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately introducing people to each other or being introduced to people. And that’s pretty awesome.

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 11.38.26 AMWhether via Twitterduction (introduction via Twitter), inclusive email or face-to-face, introductions are where the magic happens. It’s where you can bring together two creative people who can take projects known or unknown to greater heights than they ever could alone. It’s where you can connect a solution to a problem. It’s where you can start anything from a friendship to a relationship, a collaboration to a business partnership.

Think about the people you’ve met who helped you, mentored you or otherwise brightened your life. Everyone we know can benefit by meeting new people who share interests, problems or passions. Social media does make this easier — I’ve encountered so many people there that I’ve later met (and were impressed by) in real life — but don’t neglect opportunities to put together two or more interesting people face-to-face with a handshake, over coffee or for a meal.

So, have you introduced anyone lately? If you haven’t, introducing two people who don’t know each other but would benefit from meeting virtually or in real life this week may be a modest goal. And who knows — it could prove the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



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2 responses to “Pleased to meet you: The power of introductions.

  1. Great post, Tim! Hitting home as I’ve been doing the rounds getting to know everyone on campus before kicking off some strategy 🙂 #newjob #eek

  2. Tim

    Thanks, Melissa! I’m sure they’re all happy to meet you, and vice versa!

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