Alyssa Explains It All, or on being social and open to ideas

Our student blogs have really stepped up in content concepts this year, evolving past “this is what I did last week” and into more purposeful and useful directions. Since I believe in sharing, I’ll post more info here on the various projects, but wanted to start with how a random tweet turned into an outstanding freshman video blog.

On Sept. 1, this tweet to @sunyoswego caught our attention:

A freshman willing to make videos on the college experience? Were we dreaming? After checking Alyssa’s video channel, we realized she had talent, panache and essentially everything you’d want in a video blogger.

After a meeting, we decided on a theme, Alyssa Explains It All, often on the transition to college, an area where she is eminently qualified. Each webisode focuses on a topic, conveying it with humor and honesty, and it appeals to new students as well as those looking at colleges. She does all the work herself. The shows so far:

Episode 1: Time Management

Episode 2: Making Decisions

I’m very happy with how she’s developing the shows, and she has been asking users for topics to explore and explain. But the series also shows one more example of the importance of being in and listening to social media channels. And the importance of remaining open to new ideas and fresh talent. Because who knows … your next great content contributor could be just one tweet away!


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7 responses to “Alyssa Explains It All, or on being social and open to ideas

  1. courtneymallam

    That’s similar to how I found my video blogger, but mine was through FB! Maybe there’s something in the water … or the current cohort ‘gets’ how to leverage social media more than they sometimes get credit for.

  2. What a terrific find, Tim. Congratulations! It’s great when you have people who want to create content because it’s their passion.

  3. Zombie Administator

    Amen! We just posted yet another episode on a great topic — Growing Up — that is very entertaining.

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