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want followers? don’t beg … create and engage!

How often do you see Twitter or Facebook accounts begging for followers or likes? Do you find these motivational? Or desperate? Or just pathetic?

Here’s a substitute solution: If you want more followers, don’t beg. Create content. And engage users. It really is that simple.

The above message for our @sunyoswego account appeared in the inbox last week. Quick math says the account added almost 10% to its total in one week. One week! But this wasn’t done via begging, or even via splashy posters or signs around campus (my social media budget remains stuck at $0).

What happened? We created. We engaged.

You may recall that, with students moving back on campus, we interacted, retweeted and crowd-sourced content. Then for the Student Involvement Fair, we asked participants to send photos, which we retweeted. And all along, we’ve been following our engagement strategy focusing on sharing what’s positive about our campus and retweeting/promoting what students and their organizations do.

What haven’t we been doing? Tweeting marketing taglines. Pounding our chest about how awesome we are (better that any praise come from students, alums and the like). Or begging.

Admittedly, a lot of those followers are new students or students coming back to campus, so it may not be sustainable at that meteoric level. But the new followers keep coming, most of them existing students. And those students in turn engage with us and create content we can retweet. Which brings more followers. It’s a wonderful loop, and it comes from positive and proactive stances on creating and engaging.


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