6 responses to “on ‘experts,’ arrogance and humility.

  1. Very well stated Tim. We are relatively new to social media and are each more than a couple of multiples of 25 years old. We resisted getting engrossed in this for a long time, and only came to to doing it as a promotional method to increase our “reach” when we started writing audience perspective blog postings for ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble, the prominent new music organization). FYI, we are on Twitter as @ICEfansArleneLD and on Facebook as “Larry-Arlene Dunn” (no doubt breaking several molds Mr. Zuckerberg and friends have in mind). I am sure our success (or lack of it) using social media to promote our blogging and the music organizations we support can be vigorously debated. I don’t think we have a good sense yet as to whether we are doing it well. But we are struck by the broad range of capability, from great to pitiful, that we observe in the social media universe by those who are doing this promotionally. We think your guidelines to successful promotional use of social media outlined above are an excellent framework to use as a foundation. Bravo.

  2. Tim, thanks for linking to my blog post and I couldn’t agree more with your traits, especially, humility. I think a lot of people often forget a little humbleness will go a long way when first starting out. When I started at First Scribe I didn’t pretend to know what I was doing…because I didn’t. I let the higher-ups show me the ropes and tried to soak up all their information as fast as possible to show I was a worthy addition to the company. So far it has worked out.

  3. Tim Nekritz

    ERIC: Hallelujah! ; )

    ARLENE AND LARRY: Thanks for the kind words, and I salute your example. Passion and a genuine interest in connecting to others can go a long way, regardless of age or experience.

    ZACH: That is a refreshing attitude, and I’m sure it’s served you well. I know when I started my first professional job out of college, I assumed I knew a lot more than I did. I had to take a step back and learn to listen to a variety of perspectives and experiences. Everyone around us has something to teach us, if we’re just willing to listen.

  4. Love this!

    We need to understand that social media is not a game or an equation, marketing or otherwise. Sure you can increase followers in many ways – but do they stay and play in your community? If thats not what you want, who cares? If you’re using social as link bait, again, whats the point?

    Unfortunately, not everyone can do social media ‘well’ but what is really unsettling is that there is such a variety in what ‘doing it well’ really means.

    I feel doing it well means you do cool things that get people excited enough to contribute and remain members of a community. Not to be able to preach to them about your brand, but to be able to provide a place for them to revel in your brand – doing work that you dont have to do: promoting it!

  5. Tim Nekritz

    JESS: Thanks, and agree completely. When I see all these pages saying comment-bait like “What was your favorite moment of the Olympics?” and “Do you like broccoli?” it just looks desperate. And as I always say, when you have a prize for your 1000th follower, you’re telling the first 999 they’re not of value to you. The content, the conversations should be exciting … and life itself is exciting, so it should be easy.

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