goodbye, google places. hello google+ local. but does it matter?

In its never-ending quest to revise and renew to provide (apparently) desired services, Google has bid adieu to its Places feature and replaced it with Google+ Local. Given the large leverage any Google property has, it technically has potential. But it currently has stumbling blocks, with content being the main one.


If you’re a G+ member (I won’t go for the easy joke), Local will appear as an option in your left-hand sidebar. That’s about the only easy thing I’ve found so far. Clicking it gives me the following screen dominated by an Outback Steakhouse. In Liverpool. More than a half-hour away. When I happen to live in a city with lots of eateries already that are dwarfed by this promoted location.

Of course, I can just scroll and look through a number of options such as Pizza Restaurants, Steak Restaurants, Bookstores, Motels, Pubs, etc. Most of the locations have either no or few reviews, which doesn’t particularly help with decision-making. I checked the Pubs option (near and dear to my heart) and discovered several of the listed establishments had closed. A local power plant was also listed as a pub, so I wondered about data hygiene … i.e. who vets or confirms listed information. And with any system, up-to-date accurate content is a huge consideration!

To make it even stranger, I can’t find any way to use Google+ Local on my iPhone … but I can download the old Google Places. For a geosocial platform, you’d sure expect this to be easier.

So other than being neither easy to use nor updated with accurate content, what exactly does Google+ Local have to offer that makes it a must-have platform?

Let me know if you figure that out, because I have no idea.



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4 responses to “goodbye, google places. hello google+ local. but does it matter?

  1. I have found Google+ to be next to worthless. Maybe it’s because I haven’t explored it enough, but I tried it and it’s never been of any value to me.
    Hey Tim, can you tell me your e-mail address? I have a question about getting out of Xanga. I’m at

  2. The Google plus FAIL is summed up nicely in the donut meme that has been doing the rounds – a social network without people is not very social :

    However, who’s next on the social media FAIL horizon ? Microsoft they have been quietly and slowly copying Google innovations and implementing their own crappy versions.

    Check out their attempt to copy Google citations, at least Google found over half of my 150 publications – who the hell is this guy ? – and yes those two papers it found are mine !!!

    Let’s have dinner and a beer at the power plant next week, it sounds like a good place …

  3. Tim Nekritz

    It does sound nice, Damian, but I hear it’s really hard to get a table. Or to even get in the door.

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