rip steve jobs. i can’t imagine a world without you.

I was introduced to his inventions in eighth grade. Weedsport Central Schools installed a computer lab filled with Apple IIc and Apple IIe machines. I’d used computers before, but nothing like these. They just made sense. They worked. They inspired me.

So many things Steve Jobs and Apple made inspired, enlightened and expanded my knowledge and imagination. To learn tonight that he has passed away feels like a punch to the gut. There’s emptiness. There probably shouldn’t be. But to think how much his vision and genius impacted my life — the lives of so many — that it’s hard to categorize my feelings.

I’m typing this on a Macbook. There’s another Macbook next to me on the coffee table, as well as an iPad and my iPhone. My iPhone — I had a dream I lost it, truly a nightmare because I felt so helpless. I use it to check my various social media communities, do email, surf the web, listen to music, send texts, keep time, light my way as a flashlight. About 10 feet away is my iPod for jogging. I don’t use a stereo; my music collection spins on iTunes. In my waking hours, I’m almost always in the same room with some Apple invention, or more than one.

As a society, we lionize celebrities, rock stars and pro athletes. Their accomplishments are comparatively minimal. Tweets about Justin Bieber? Fleeting and faddish. Media orgs treating Madonna’s appearance in the Super Bowl™ halftime show as breaking news? Ludicrous. News outlets acting like something a Kardashian does means anything? Ridiculous. Steve Jobs’ contributions are wider, deeper and longer-lasting than just about anyone in this era.

I literally can’t imagine a world without everything he and his team has created. A world without him, in some way. But now I have to.


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