#hewebroc: a sort of homecoming.

So, this is happening:

… and if you work in anything involving higher education and the web, you should mark your calendar for June 27 for the HighEdWeb Rochester regional, aka #hewebroc. A bunch of great speakers, engaging companions and fresh ideas … all for just $30! Or, if you answer our Call for Proposals and become one of those speakers, we will waive your registration fee.

I’ve attended two previous regionals, at Cornell and Vassar, and those events were very informative, well-organized and excellent networking opportunities. Even though this has come together fairly quickly, I’d paraphrase Margaret Mead’s adage and say that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens (webizens?) can change the world … or at least how we use the world wide web. And that it takes place in Rochester, the birthplace of what is now the huge and influential HighEdWeb annual conference, is an especially nice touch.

The Call for Proposals opens Monday, so give that some thought. And block June 27 for a low-cost (hard to beat $30!) informative conference full of awesome #highered web folks. Hope to see you then!


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