our new economy: social, integrated, authentic.

An example of how the new social economy works:

Given my new interest in roller derby, and learning more about it, I keep a #rollerderby tag feed in Tweetdeck, which I check for interesting advice and folks to follow. Saw a tweet there by @vancougarband, an intriguing sounding outfit hailing from one of my favorite cities.

Followed their link on Twitter to the Vancougar MySpace page. Liked their catchy retro-rock/pop girl-band sound. Went to Amazon. Downloaded their MP3 album “Canadian Tuxedo.”

And realized how many things they did right along the way to make the sale.

1) Good use of Twitter. If you think making money via Twitter is about spamming people by keyword or shouting about what you’re selling, you’re 100% wrong. Vancougar’s tweet was authentic: They mentioned supporting a friend of theirs who is a rollergirl and included the #rollerderby hashtag. So immediately they and I share an interest. And their name was catchy, so I wanted to learn more.

2) Having quality content readily available. OK, I make fun of MySpace, but that I could go there and listen to their music streaming goes so against the old record industry tactic of creating scarcity by limiting demand. Vancougar freely offered quality content — i.e. their songs were catchy. And they could next funnel me to where to buy online.

3) Tying it all together. I could go from discovering the band’s existence to buying the album in five clicks (Twitter page > MySpace Main Page > Music > Albums > Buy Album). FIVE CLICKS! That’s fairly astonishing, and with a better MySpace layout it could have been four clicks. But the lesson here is that everything along the way was integrated, interconnected, relevant, accessible and user-friendly.

… and they even found time to thank their newest fan! The new social economy is a wonderful community!



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3 responses to “our new economy: social, integrated, authentic.

  1. There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

  2. Brad

    The word you’re looking for is, “authentic.” Everything they did was sincere, focused, and laced with integrity. They weren’t using the media to *make* a message; they used it to communicate.

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