a video i love and why: vancouver 2010’s with glowing hearts

Consider this an invitation to join me in the blogosphere for a conversation titled A Video I Love And Why, where anyone is welcome to blog about or discuss great web video. My choice would be Vancouver 2010’s With Glowing Hearts.

Why do I love it? Let me count the ways.

1. Visual style. The editing of sweeping nature scenes (my favorite is the long shot of a solo pond hockey player) and intense closeups of speakers is stunning. The mix of these clips with archival footage and Olympic highlights strikes a very nice balance. The casting ranging from worldwide stars like Sarah MacLachlan and Steve Nash to those well-known in Canada to ordinary people also works.

2. Emotion. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat always resonate as emotional moments, and represent enduring appeals of sport. The script’s inspirational tone helps. My eyes often get moist watching, old softie that I am. As great as the writing is, watching it without sound can have just as much emotional impact.

3. Universal message. It’s about the Olympics, but it’s not. It’s more about the human spirit and inspiration. I love the breakdown of urgings in the middle:

  • Dream big things
  • Find your voice
  • Share your passion
  • Don’t be left wondering: “What if?”

You don’t have to be a Canadian (or an hono[u]rary Canadian like me) or a sports fan for the message to hit home. I always think finding a means of universal connection raises content to the next level.

4. Great music. The Doves track “Pounding,” or a remixed version thereof, has just the right feel. Though it’s interesting to note some Canadian message boards filled with ire over the choice of a British band with so much Canadian talent. An arguable point, perhaps, but the results speak for themselves.

5. The unexpected. Vancouver 2010 organizers could have easily just gone with a big heroic rah-rah sports-highlight reel. But they choose to make it inclusive, especially with such a prominent role for athletes in the Paralympic Games that also unfolded in Vancouver. It speaks to the message of inspiration and universality all the more.

So what do you think? And would be willing to share a piece of web video you love and discuss why you love it?



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15 responses to “a video i love and why: vancouver 2010’s with glowing hearts

  1. Consider your invitation accepted. Blog post to follow in day or two (will write back when it’s ready). Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Tim Nekritz

    Thanks, Andrew! Looking forward to it!

  3. Georgy

    Thanks for the prompt, Tim! Here’s my offering:


  4. Thanks, Andrew and Georgy! Loved your entries. Here’s hoping more people join!

  5. Tim, what a swell idea. I’ve done the cheeseball marketing video edition here: http://www.dontgetcaught.biz/2010/11/video-i-love-and-why-cheeseball.html

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  7. Great idea Tim. I’ve posted my video:


    And, the fact that your video is about Canada earns you a pint from me the next time I see you!

  8. Tim Nekritz

    DENISE: Love it. And agree 100% with your point that great video need not be expensive. It just needs to have a story that catches our fancy.

    TODD: Thrilled to have someone I consider a video genius on board. And a marvelous entry that speaks to the power of video!

    MIKE: Marvelous entry, a video about a video that I consider very enlightening. And yes, I intend to collect on that pint at some time.

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  10. Cool idea, Tim. Thanks for asking us all to play! Here’s my contribution. Bonus points: it’s Canadian.


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  12. Tim Nekritz

    Love it, Joe! A simple story, as you said, told in a novel way. And in a way which we, as readers, can identify.

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