atlanta braves hit a home run on twitter.

If you’re looking for the potential to do awesome things on Twitter, look no further than the Atlanta Braves account, @Braves (huge tip of the cap to Joe Glad for the lead). In their use of social media, the Braves show responsiveness, creativity, awesome fan-friendly engagement and organization-wide buy-in.

Braves wish fan happy birthday

Many of us monitor our “brands” online, and the Braves are no different. But they take it a step beyond. Consider the above photo, learning of a fan’s birthday and having one of the Braves hold up a whiteboard sign of birthday greetings. Or when learning of a young fan (I assume) coming to his first game, tweeting a player’s message of welcome (below). Or when a fan tweeted a picture of a Turner Field cake she made for her father’s birthday, @Braves retweeted it, the image enjoying more than 1,000 views.

Hard to top that in terms of engagement. You get the feeling the organization loves fans as much as the fans love the Braves.

They keep the stream going with more functional news tweets (nightly lineups) or event-based in terms of near-live photos. The Braves stumped for reliever Billy Wagner to make the last-chance vote for the All-Star team, but they’ve also tweeted in support of charity. While @Braves racked up more than 23,000 followers, the account — unlike, say, Oprah — actually follows back a fairly healthy chunk of nearly 1,000 fans.

In addition to their responsiveness in identifying tweets and finding ways to pleasantly surprise their fans through creative engagement, I’m also impressed with the organizational buy-in. If you can get players, broadcasters and management to join in the greetings and Twitter games, that says a lot. While I don’t know how big the team’s Twitter-related staff is, I can tell that the support for it must come from very high for so many parts of the operation to happily play along.

However the Braves do it all, one thing is clear: Their use of Twitter is a home run. We can all draw ideas and inspiration with how they cover all their bases.




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10 responses to “atlanta braves hit a home run on twitter.

  1. Was brought here by @gondeee – hopefully you heard this piece on the Braves Organist on NPR. He tweets with the fans too! Very cool.

  2. Nicki

    Thank you! Thank you!! I am off to follow my favorite baseball team! Why I didn’t look for them sooner is beyond me.

  3. sethodell

    Great post and thanks for highlighting their work. Being a Mets fan, I was completely unaware of what the braves were doing. Now the big question, which you mentioned, is how the heck did they get buy-in from just about everyone in the organization? That is AWESOME.

  4. Braves PR runs the Twitter account – they don’t have a social media department. I’ve seen different members of the PR staff with the camera taking pics and video at different events, but there’s only one @Braves account.

    As for getting the guys to do the whiteboard pics, I’m sure all they had to do is say, “Hey Tim, remember Wendy? You played celebrity softball with her – she’s one of the DJs on Q100. Her birthday’s coming up soon, so will you hold up this whiteboard so we can twitpic at the appropriate time?” And Huddy says sure, because he’s cool like that. (If you look through all the whiteboard pics, it looks like they were all taken during BP on the same day.) 😉

  5. Peter

    I follow them, and I know that for some home games, they will hide a pair of tickets just outside the stadium, and tweet a pic with a clue.

  6. Tim Nekritz

    LAUREN: I heard about the organist. Awesome! And I appreciate the inside view. Have heard of some organizations hiring people especially for social media, but good to know old-school PR types (like me) are involved in this project.

    NICKI: Well, who knew? My friends who are Braves fans always talk about the quality of the organization. This is one more indication.

    SETH: Yeah, that buy-in is pretty amazing, eh? I now have a temptation to buy a whiteboard, markers and try to figure out how would be great to hold up messages. Except that wouldn’t seem original.

    PETER: That’s a great promotion! I’ve been to Turner Field and it’s a wonderful place to take in a game.

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