3 responses to “what are you learning from social media?

  1. We had a very similar discussion start up on our 2014 group – I enjoy seeing what the incoming students value about their new home for the next 4 years. Another interesting thread that popped up on ours was “expectations and concerns” – I’m hoping to see if we can address some of their issues in our orientation programs.

    The opportunity we have here is wonderful, it is almost as if the data and is falling into our laps – the difficulty will be doing something with it – integrating what you find into the right place within your institution!

  2. Mike Petroff

    There is a TON of information you can learn from simply staying involved in the Class of 2014 Facebook groups. I’ll be presenting some of my survey research from last year at NEACAC in May (http://www.neacac.org/am.cfm). I’m doing the same tracking this year again – and seeing some interesting trends.

    We’ve reorganized our Admission website structure (while the redesign is happening) heavily influenced by not only what we’ve heard in social media, but also tracking incoming emails and comments from tour participants (we email an optional survey after tours).

    Great post – and I love to see this conversation continue.

  3. Tim Nekritz

    J.D.: I have a student worker who posted a “what is your biggest worry/concern about college?” thread, offering her insight. Very nice dialogue there, with students expressing appreciation for the help. The possibilities right now exceed our resources and time, but the future students have done a great job of building their own community anyway. Very pleasing to see.

    MIKE: Geez, when are you gonna attend one of our communicators-type conferences? I guess those admissions types will benefit from your insights then, but I thank you for how generous you’ve been with your information. Great that you’ve used feedback to help drive Web organization … I definitely have my eye that direction. And yes, a great topic for continuing conversation!

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