doodling through meetings.

Recently when I tried to bring together 10 busy people for a meeting of our new cross-campus social-media team, one member suggested scheduling the meeting through Doodle. Had never heard of it, but after checking it out I figured, hey … why not use a social-media platform to schedule a meeting for a social-media team?

Doodle, it turns out, is a nice user-friendly service. You need to secure an account, but registration takes less than a minute. When trying to schedule a meeting, you can send out several different time slots (the more specific — i.e. one-hour segments instead of three-hour blocks — the better, I learned), and the recipients check which times will work for them and/or leave other comments. Here’s a look at the scheduling in progress:


Pleasing aesthetics and high marks for usability! So I’m giving Doodle a preliminary thumbs-up. Whether it makes for a good meeting, well, I’ll find out later, but anything that makes getting a bunch of busy people together easier is itself a benefit. Because, as I noted earlier this week, face-to-face interactions are still important.



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5 responses to “doodling through meetings.

  1. Thanks for this! We’re using meeting wizard and it sucks. This looks much more inviting and, dare I say, fun. 🙂

  2. insidetimshead

    JESS: A lot of the student affairs division is on it and enjoys the system. How soon until people use the comment section for funny/snarky comments is the question.

    COLIN: Yes, seriously!

  3. i filled out a doodle calendar earlier this year for a class i’m taking where we have lots of people from different departments who were trying to find a common available time slot. it’s pretty cool. def. user-friendly. 🙂

  4. Danielle

    I love using Doodle for organizing meeting times for group projects and fellowships for my community service fraternity! Not just for faculty anymore 🙂

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