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when tweets give you lemons, make lemonade.

When I returned from a meeting that took up half my Thursday morning, I sensed a great disturbance in the force. People all over the ether were up in arms — distraught, despairing, despondent.

What happened? Some tragedy killing innocent people? A government ruling infringing upon our Constitutional rights? A natural disaster sending communities into ruination?

Not quite. Not hardly. All the overwrought hand-wringing stemmed from Twitter being down for a few hours. To add sturm to drang, apparently Facebook had issues too. People wondered what in the world they were expected to do without access to their favorite social media outlets.

What to do? Um, maybe … work? You know, that thing most of us are paid to do during working hours?

It’s odd how people now treat social media as some kind of inherent privilege like life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. How many words and hours were burned up by folks kvetching about their morning being ruined … all because they hadn’t been able to foist more Facebook quiz results or retweeted articles upon the rest of social-mediadom.

Here’s what people should have done because they were deprived of social media: Rejoiced over being freed from their addiction. Connected with people face to face, like the old days. And, oh yes, completed a little bit of work. Instead of kvetching over Twitter temporarily turning into a lemon, they should look at it as an opportunity as sweet as lemonade.



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