social media with a side of pancakes.

With all the marvelous, momentous and monumental potential behind social media, we can’t forget that it’s inherently about connecting. And, occasionally, silliness. Which brings us to #pancaketweetup this Saturday.

Everyone loves pancakes, and somehow a discussion with @lanejoplin evolved into the first-ever virtual pancake meetup via Twitter, aka #pancaketweetup. Yeah, it has its own hashtag and even online invitation if you’re so inclined (everyone everywhere is invited, cuz that’s how social media is).

By now if you’re still reading, you’re asking one of two questions: 1) How do I participate? or 2) What the hell are you talking about? I’ll try to answer both questions at once.

The #pancaketweetup is a virtual meetup this Saturday (March 7) at 10:30 a.m. eastern. Essentially anyone who wants to be involved needs only do two things: 1) make pancakes (yum!) and 2) share the experience in some way via social media. Real-time would be optimal, such as discussing it (briefly, obviously) on Twitter or Facebook, posting a picture of the pancake process on TwitPic and/or Facebook and/or Flickr, blogging about it, making a video or … well, other ways I probably haven’t thought up. Contact me here or on Twitter if you have other questions.

Consider it a low-stress, high-taste way to meet and interact with other neat (so we think) people across the Webiverse. And a chance to eat pancakes! Yummy yummy pancakes! Are you in? Are you hungry?



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8 responses to “social media with a side of pancakes.

  1. Ok, so here’s the thing. I want in, but I don’t eat pancakes. (I know, I know…) So, I’m wondering if I can still crash the #pancaketweetup with my Weight Watchers chocolate/banana shake instead? Or am I shunned for being on a weight-loss kick? 😦

  2. Seems unfair that West Coasters can’t participate! I mean, they can, if they want to get up in the six o’clock hour on a Saturday morning to start sifting flour. Although, I do have some extra buttermilk in the fridge I need to use up…

  3. insidetimshead

    RACHEL: Of course you’re welcome. You could also have blueberry pancakes … without the pancakes. If it means me eating extra, I’ll do it.

    LAURA: That time, you should know, was set by an Arizonian! So your zone was represented in the decision. But there’s no bad time for pancakes.

  4. I’ll be on a lake w/ no Web access. But, like Rachel, I’ll be joining you sans pancakes… Bloody Mary FTW! Will post pic/tweet on Sunday.

  5. @Laura Sorry about the earliness…I have to be at work at 9:30am so it’s 8:30 pancakes and then off.

  6. insidetimshead

    TODD: I have a funny feeling you’ll still show up in someone’s kitchen or some such thing …

    LANE: Maybe we’ll do a brunch one in the future.

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