Sometimes it takes the strangest convegences to move you forward with technology. I bought an iPhone over the weekend, but may not have if not for a mysterious hardware failure, running over a garbage can and another college’s apparently inept sports information office.

No word on whether Junior the iTouch and Olive the iPod Mini are jealous of TheHip, the newest member of my Apple family.

No word on whether Junior the iTouch and Olive the iPod Mini are jealous of TheHip, the newest member of my Apple family.

Hardware failure: I flipped open my old cellphone on Friday and the display was dark with just a couple of pinpricks of light. This clearly was not good.

Garbage can: The women’s hockey coach and I split trash service, and the garbage guys throw the can into my driveway when done. On Wednesday, while dealing with a fresh snowfall, I thought I could cut an angle around the can. I couldn’t. It wedged under the vehicle, requiring some back and forth to get it out, and my car still smells of burning plastic.

Sports (lack of) information: The aforemetioned women’s hockey team, for which I’m a faculty mentor/big fan, would clinch a playoff spot on Friday night if Chatham lost at Neumann. In The Raven later that night, I borrowed the bro’s iPhone to keep checking to see if the Lakers could seize the historic moment. Except that Neumann wasn’t getting the information online, so I waited and refreshed, over and over.

This, then, is an ex-garbage can.

This, then, is an ex-garbage can.

While waiting for the score (Chatham lost, Oswego made the playoffs), my brother gave an impressive sales pitch for the iPhone, since I needed a new phone anyway. Sure, the AT&T data package would be more expensive than the Sprint cell service, but the ability to access the Internet anywhere offers a huge upside. True, I own an iTouch, but that’s at the mercy of WiFi availability, and I don’t live in the most wireless-enabled area. The idea of converging so many useful functions into one device seemed quite compelling.

The garbage can comes into the equation because buying a replacement meant I had to drive to the Oswego Lowe’s (I’m still boycotting Wal-Mart) Saturday morning, and in the same plaza sits an AT&T store offering iPhones and related services. I was probably the guy’s easiest sale that day because I had done my homework … all I really needed to do was get in the door.

Paying the $299 for TheHip, as I call the new 16GB iPhone, wasn’t as much of a consideration as the data plan. The cheapest available is $69.99 per month, plus $5 for unlimited text … plus taxes and fees take it to the north side of $90/month. My initial rationalization is that I paid off my SUV early and don’t have that monthly payment, and could probably ditch the $19.99/month for my Dreamscape email/Web hosting … so many free options exist now.


While I like the apps (which I had with my iTouch), the coolest thing right now is the address book. I can put in friends’ cellphone numbers and email addresses and can choose to either make a call, text message or email all from one device. Consider me a sucker for convenience.

I have to say one moment Monday morning was cool too. Instead of putting a cellphone in one pocket and the iTouch in another, I just grabbed one device. Somehow things felt … simplified. Calming, even. However strange the path to the iPhone, that feeling of convergence seems priceless.



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2 responses to “convergence.

  1. jesskry

    Hmmm. I’m still not convinced and still anti-iPhone. I’m big on texting/emailing/Google-ing on my BlackBerry so the lack of keys would really annoy me. I’m looking for more functionality – take pics/video in my next upgrade. I think I also like the idea of separation of my iPod and my phone. Dont like to be too ‘available’. lol.

    It’ll be interesting to see what you think of the text/email capability, even though I really enjoy my lone hatred of all things iPhone…:) Enjoy!

  2. Colin

    Blackberrys suck, so badly, that my friends at E*Trade dumped them, the entire company went iPhone. Blackberry is the peecee of the smart phone, they hide where the features are, burying them, just to find the mute is next to impossible, and their keys are clunky and outmoded. Basically those who cling to them do so because they resist change and aren’t future thinking. /end rant Besides, you go with the leader, not a follower… “wow, the Blackberry storm you can do touch and touch on things, those RIM guys are genius!” [cough] Only they’re just copying the iPhone. Again, you either go with the leader… iPhone, or you’re just a follower, the Blackberry and their lusers. Besides, the iPhone just does everything better. And who wants multiple devices in the pockets? That’d be like someone who wants to take their car, bicycle, and kayak because they’re not sure their mode of transport. What a pain. Every time I hear a iPhone hater from the Blackberry audience it’s just covering up envy, plain and simple.

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